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Open HMI for open systems

What is InetSupervisor

InetSupervisor is an open HMI for open systems. When installed on a windows computer or in the cloud of a corporate hosting center, inet provides multi-user interface for your Building Automation System.


InetSupervisor lets you generate and see the layout of your building and/or plant services in a browser. Live displays of all variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air velocity etc. are created simply by dragging and dropping components from InetSupervisor component library. All Internet graphic formats are supported.

Control parameters can be monitored or changed as required, either locally, across the Internet, local network and optionally wireless by a smart phone or a tablet.
InetSupervisor based systems use web browser for monitoring, control, alarm management, trend reporting, and scheduling.
The robust connectivity and system program-ability makes this software a perfect choice for Energy Management and Control.
Droid tablets are fully supported.


InetSupervisor based systems use web browser for monitoring, control, alarm management, trend reporting, and scheduling. Wireless access is supported via a smart phones. An engineer, for example, could gain access and manage the site remotely, without the need to use a computer. Equally, a user could adjust the comfort settings of their office or adjust their lighting via a mobile phone.

Open Architecture

InetSupervisor has been designed from the outset with open system architecture. This allows it to be used with the vast majority of new and existing control and monitoring systems. InetSupervisor has multi-driver support. A driver is a software module that lets InetSupervisor communicate with other manufacturer’s equipment that uses different software protocols. A number of drivers are already available and new drivers are being introduced on a regular basis. Drivers can also be created by the end-user or by a third party developer. The only tool needed to setup the InetSupervisor GUI is your favorite web page authoring tool (i.e. Notepad, FrontPage, Dream Weaver).

InetSupervisor is based on MS SQL Server, system specific drivers, and the end-user screens in form of database-enabled web pages, and IIS. Your IT staff can support the InetSupervisor application from the get go with minimal training or no training required. This is accomplished by using industry standard database and web server applications. Your choice for databases is: MSDE, SQL Server. Web servers: Personal Web Server PWS, Internet Information Services IIS.

InetSupervisor supports C#, Java, ASP.NET, which provides ultimate flexibility. This powerful extension of the system allows alarms to be processed, calculations to be made and project specific functions to be incorporated. Links can also be created to other software, such as Microsoft Excel, MAXIMO, etc. offering comprehensive and flexible reporting facilities that can be automatically updated. Custom screens can be developed directly at the server or from remote over the wan or the Internet. 

Ease of Use

While being extremely powerful and full of cutting-edge features, an essential requirement of the development of InetSupervisor was that it had to be simple to operate. No costly training courses are required - just sit down and get started immediately. The end user browses the InetSupervisor using current version of a web browser. Pre-programmed web pages are available for alarm handling, trend, point override, point monitoring. All graphical layer development is done using drag and drop techniques within DreamWeaver designer.


Comprehensive alarm handling facilities make InetSupervisor ideal for multi-site remote monitoring applications. All alarms are accessible via a web browser. Customized reports and alarm routing can be custom programmed providing unprecedented flexibility. Alarm panels can trigger graphics as required.

InetSupervisor incorporates powerful alarm handling facilities. Alarms can be re-directed to:

Smart Phones 
Other PC's running a web browser.

Alarms can be filtered into different user-definable panels so that alarms from multiple sites or various types of plant can be managed separately. 


InetSupervisor Security borrows from the operation system. The security can be setup based on windows 2008 Server login and/or entries in the database. All operations can be logged with user ID, access level and time. 


InetSupervisor is supplied with a direct LonWorks LNS driver, and caters for the seamless integration of LNS networks. LNS database import is automated for simple ‘points’ setup. 

Minimum Requirements

Server: Pentium IV, 1GB Ram (4GB Ram recommended), 60Gb HDD, network interface card, Windows XP Professional operating system. LonWorks interface card (i.e. FT-10 may be required.)

Client: A computing device (desktop, smart phone, tablet, etc.) running current version of a Web Browser with Adobe FLASH capability. We recommend puffin browser for i.Phone or any iOS Apple devices.

For hardware requirements on medium to large projects please visit KB0033EN