Lighting Automation System

Q1 Lighting Automation System is suitable for luminaire control on a room by room basis or the traditional by the circuit control. Taking full advantage of Q1 distributed control and the portfolio of EnOcean wireless sensors our lighting automation system becomes one of the most flexible and powerful platforms on the market. Ease of installation and operation are unsurpassed.

Some of the features include:

- Lighting groups, web-based scheduling, alarming, trending, operator interface, graphics

- Motion sensor and light level sensor support

- Wireless sensors, switches relays, and relays with dimming output

- Wired sensors, switches, relays, dimming

- Industries most advanced wired network with graphical interface

- Real time feedback and energy monitoring

- Seamless integration with our Building Automation System

Vendor of EnOcean products used for testing of our system is EchoFlex

EnOcean Alliance lists many more vendors, Click here for more.


Wireless setup requires purchase of a G1 MicroRouter, its associated antenna for EnOcean 902MHz communication, EnOcean switches, sensors, relays, etc. Wired setup requires purchase of a G1 MicroRouter for lighting automation logic, Q1 IO controllers for physical IO, and wired sensors, switches, relays, etc. Typically hybrid wired/wireless systems are most effective and are recommended.