Energy shedding and control app

Application is compatible with Q1 Hardware.  An event based energy shedding manager built with multiple levels and stages of shedding and customizable ranges for each stage. Each stage has 2 levels of shedding for prioritized shedding area’s. Custom binding tool for ease of          connection to equipment controller. 10 reoccurring or 1 time events available.


Software features include:

· Multiple shedding strategies included

· Configurable end of shedding command, allows equipment to auto control hardware based resets or force into no reset mode.

· Full PID control of the shedding load control

· Up to 6 stages of shedding “zones”

· Full control over stage timing and type

· Multiple staging operations available

· 10 reoccurring or 1 time events

· Individual stage output capping per level

· Changeable network variable types

· Slave mode for any unused I/O, which can be bound to another controller