PID and Staging control app

Application is compatible with Q1 Hardware.  Fully customizable PID controller with 6 stages of outputs. 2 independent PID applications available to run multiple equipment on the same controller. Built in safeties and alarms for notification and precise control. Can be used on any type of equipment for control of pressures, temperatures, valves, pumps, fans, dampers or other types of equipment.

Software features include:

· Multiple inputs for occupancy of enable commands

· Fully featured PID control

· Full configurability of up to 6 stages of output timing and type

· Safeties for process variable over and under      thresholds with variable restart timing

· Fail-safe settings for communications loss handling

· Individual stage proof settings

· Individual stage run hour accumulation

· Stage rotations for equalizing equipment run hours

· Built in Alarming

· Emergency Shutdown Alarms

· Staged Equipment Proof Failure Alarms

· Staged Equipment “In Hand” Alarms

· Process Variable Control Alarms

· Process Variable out of Range Alarms

· Changeable network variable types

· Slave mode for any unused I/O, which can be bound to another controller