Unit Ventilator and Exhaust Fan control app

Application is compatible with Q1 Hardware.  Compatible with any supply/exhaust fans or space heating/cooling equipment. Will control up to 8 individual spaces on a single controller. A cost effective way of controlling     multiple simple equipment while still having effective and easy monitoring and full featured alarming capabilities.  

Software features include:

· Up to 8 individual single zone ‘s controlled in 1       controller

· Individual space occupancy control

· Fail-safe settings for communications loss handling

· Monitoring of damper position for proper enabling of fans

· Multiple fan cycle modes

· Multiple fan feedback options

· Backdraft damper control

· Space temperature or occupancy only control

· Configurable fan start delay

· Adjustable Occupied and Unoccupied space setpoints

· Emergency shutdown

· Built in Alarming

· Temperature Control Alarms

· Fan Failure and Belt Loss Alarms

· Sensor Alarms

· Changeable network variable types

· Slave mode for any unused I/O, which can be bound to another controller