Q1- Universal Controller

Press Release


  • Q1- = two resistive inputs, two universal inputs, four triac outputs, no 20V DC output.

Many software apps are available as a free download: SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS

Q1 hardware is a multipurpose automation hardware with FT-10 and RS-485 network capabilities. Application specific programs library is included with the NetworkManager configuration tool. The NetworkManager is also referred to as an LNS Plug-in and is freely available for download by clicking the Download link at the bottom of this page. Included programs are available for most HVAC applications, irrigation, lighting, etc. The configuration tool can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other open system network management tools such as LonMaker for Windows.

Universal inputs are software switchable between resistive (thermistor), voltage (0-10 VDC), and amperage (0-20 mA), There are no jumpers to worry about, no annoying external resistors, and no external power supplies for 4-20 mA sensors (no external resistors required).

Outputs are digital triac with 24 VAC capability and analog 0-10 VDC. The analog outputs can also be used as digital and will generate 0 or 12V DC output for use with low coil current DC relays.

Primary network communications are based on LonTalk protocol and are topology free, polarity free for ease of installation. Single twisted pair network has a limit of 32,000 devices, and when combined with TCP-IP the limit goes up to 2 billion devices. 

2 x Analog Inputs

The first two inputs accept resistive signals only.


Thermistor 10K Type II and Type III

(Type II is recommended)


Potentiometer with custom scaling


Dry contact

2 x Universal Inputs

All inputs have 12 bit resolution


Same as above


0-10V DC


0-20mA DC

4 x Digital Outputs



Triac rated at 1A @ 24V AC w/ external power supply

0 x Analog

20mA max at 30°C, 8bit resolution


0 or 10VDC Digital / Binary


0-10V DC adjustable , linear