Industrial Compressed air Automation System "iCAS"

i.CAS replaces traditional compressor sequencers with a state-of-the-art automation solution.

A typical application of the i.CAS is control of compressed air systems. It eliminates energy waste, provides state of the art compressor sequencing, load matching, independent user zones with isolation valves, pressure monitoring. i.CAS communicates  to compressors with built-in ModBus protocol, or direct digital control with physical I/O. i.CAS provides very attractive energy savings over a typical compressor control.


The i.CAS master controller is used to monitor and  select the appropriate compressors for stable and efficient control of the air system pressures.  The master controller can run up-to 4 air compressor rooms, individually to control separate pressure headers or in combination for more efficient use of the of the available compressors.


The i.CAS compressor controller is a highly configurable industrial compressor controller. Capable of controlling and monitoring various functions of an air compressor via the use of on-board Modbus communication or hardware I/O or a combination of both.


The i.CAS compressed air valve controller is used to schedule, monitor and control branch or even single machine valving. Each controller is capable of handing up to 4 separate valves for lower cost job installations, enabling the use of more valving and providing additional savings from reduced air leakage and lowered compressor needs